Derek Nordgren

Derek Nordgren

👋 Hi, I'm Derek.

I'm an Engineering Manager at Hudl in London.

I currently lead Hudl's Cloud Infrastructure team, which is responsible for building and maintaining the AWS infrastructure that powers

Hudl's a cloud-native company. We're using infra-as-code (Terraform, Packer, Chef), containers (ECS, migrating to EKS) and other automation (Lambdas, Python, AWS Systems Manager) to empower our development teams to move fast and build great products on top of the latest and greatest from AWS.

My team also works closely with our Security Engineers to manage IAM access to our numerous AWS accounts, provision new accounts with appropriate "guardrails" and monitor activity through CloudTrail, Control Tower, CrowdStrike and other products.

We're hiring - join us or get in touch.

My background is in software engineering.

Before infrastructure, I was a senior full-stack software engineer. I enjoy designing software architectures and products for scalability and performance. I'm most familiar with a stack which involves Docker-ized .NET Core running on AWS, React written in TypeScript, GraphQL and MongoDB. That said, I prefer breadth to depth and love learning new things.

I pride myself on being a "product" generalist. I'm energized by working with great, cross-functional teams to solve business and engineering challenges. I'm passionate about driving continuous improvement and bringing great products to market at high velocity with low risk.

Before that, I co-founded CRG.

I was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a small start-up, Concise Research Group (CRG). I led our product team in designing and building web-based surveying and reporting tools which helped law enforcement departments build better relationships with the communities they serve.

Our products applied the latest best practices in procedural justice research to enable law enforcements leaders to make data-driven process changes that save money, reduce use of force incidents and save civilian and officer lives. Our products were used by multiple law enforcement departments across the U.S.